Local Moving


Moving can be a big hassle. You’re excited to get where you’re going, but it’s not easy to take time off from work, pack up everything and move it to your new home. That’s where we come in. At Affordable Moving, we take care of every detail of your move, so you don’t have to. We have the experience you’re looking for at Affordable Moving, and we’re fully insured. That means there’s no need to worry about whether your move will be successful. We offer all of the services you’d expect from a professional and reliable moving company. We’ll pack everything, load it into one of our trucks, deliver it, unload it, unpack it and place it in your new home. It just doesn’t get much easier than that!

Our rates are hourly based with 15 min. increment charge and vary depending on crew size and needs for your move day. Hourly rate includes movers, truck,  mileage, basic insurance and does not carries any hidden fees. We have a 2-hour minimum charge policy in case your move takes less than two hours of total time (including traveling time).

Not sure which moving solution fits your needs?